A Unique Style for a Unique Place

AG Realty has its own highly individual boutique style among real estate companies, a style that demands excellence and professionalism.

At AG Realty we adopt this style to market and cultivate buyer demand, maximizing the values of some of New Zealand’s most desirable coastal real estate.

At AG Realty we believe professionalism is vital in the Bay of Plenty as it is in any of the world’s best places.

Maximising value...
We are committed to maximizing the value of our client’s real estate assets through exceptional customer service.

Through exceptional service...
At AG Realty we focus on:
Trust - consistently working with your best interest in mind
Empathy - understanding your aspirations and requirements and working to assist you to achieve your goals.
Communication - keeping you informed every step of the way with regular written reporting
Security - your agent facilitates every inspection of your property
Follow Up - effectively managing and qualifying all enquiries to find the best buyer for you - not necessarily the first buyer we see.
A Long Term Approach - we nurture long-term relationships by keeping in touch with your needs, and keeping you in touch with the market.

It’s about knowing the area...
We are passionate about life in the Bay of Plenty.  Internationally unique and home to one of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches, this maritime playground has it all.  From sunbathing, snorkeling and surfing to fishing, golfing or dining, there is something here for everyone.

Knowing the amazing resources, leisure activities, businesses and lifestyle choices for permanent and holiday residents, we proudly promote the area.

Our team's reputation is built on:
Area Knowledge

Customer Satisfaction


Sales Success

Personal Service

Feature Properties